Jesus son of God

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Jesus son of God is our Game Changer

In our Lord Jesus Christ there is always hope for all who have faith and trust in his Holy name; trusting in him because he has changed the world; our life is so brief yet he came to give us life and everlasting hope.

Jesus son of God is our game changer; he came to our world over 2000 years ago, to tell his parables, stories about how things will go; and the things our Messiah said still haunt the world today; he taught about love and faith, to believe in all he teaches, he taught us truth.

We who believe hunger and thirst for this amazing man who came to save all; we “think” then say; we should think more like him, and try harder and do what he says. When we experience his love it is then that we realize he is right; he is telling us the truth, its becomes so real in our hearts, he is transforming us to be more like him in our thoughts and behaviour, we see the light; he is willing to reach out to us and save us giving us life everlasting; these words are the most important words to give to his children, done through repentance and with a sorrowful heart, Jesus Christ is our game changer; Jesus Christ is our saviour and our King; let Jesus be a game changer in your life as he was for me; feel his love, faith and mercy, believe and let him take you by the hand and lead you to life everlasting. AMEN

God bless you all

Lynda Hackford