Would you like an eBook with your print book? 3 reasons why you should.

Self Publishing

Digital publishing of books has taken the publishing world by storm, in the last few years. Statistics show eBooks have been well received by the modern reader, as more devises like tablets, eReaders and smartphones have to be thanked for this development.

Here are 3 reasons why digital publishing is gaining popularity among publishers.

  1. Digital publishing generates more income, as a backup to your printed book.

    If you have a business or self help book a digital book can be a strong business-building tool. Placing advertisements in the back of an eBook can help business to generate more income. Also, with readers going digital it’s easier to connect with a business’s target audience and offer them relevant packages, thereby, increasing sales. If you have a series of novels or children’s books, then you can make offers to buyers on these as well, to generate more sales.

  2. Digital distribution is less time consuming, and has a wider reach.

    Print publishing can take time. Digital publishing also takes a bit of time, but distribution time is greatly reduced, as it is all Internet based. Further, readers can quickly share that they have found a great book in a few seconds via social media like Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

  3. Digital content is also accessible to all and profitable.
    Digital publishing enables reaching out to readers in any corner of the world through digital media. Readers can access an eBook easily through a smartphone, tablet, or eReader. Multiple users can also access the same book simultaneously, as the book does not run out of stock.

    There is actually more profit in an eBook as there are no print costs. Although an eBook sells
    cheaper than a print book, in comparison the profits are higher.