My Friend the Bear

Self Publishing

Follow the Bear through his busy day.

What does he get up to?
What does he like to eat?
Can you keep up with him?

Come along and enjoy reading this fun and friendly book and meet My Friend the Bear!

Stuart came up with this idea, and we just thought to include a short questionnaire for the end of my story “My Friend

the Bear”. This will help with the interaction of parents and children as well as helping with some simple education and

memory skills.

Have Fun With Question Time?

  1. What number is on the Bear’s letterbox?
  2. What colour is the Bear’s toothbrush?
  3. What is the Bear jumping on?
  4. What soup does the Bear like to eat?
  5. What toy is in the bath with the Bear?

Answers 1: 3, 2: Blue, 3: Trampoline, 4: Pumpkin Soup 5: Rubber Duck