My pilgrim’s Heart

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In May 2007, Ben Dale set out from Canterbury, in England, to walk to Jerusalem. In September that same year, his mother – Australian journalist Stephanie Dale – joined him in Rome, with her compass set for Istanbul.

My Pilgrim’s Heart: A woman’s journey through marriage and other foreign lands is the story of their adventures.

This beautifully written book is about simultaneous journeys:
– the experiences of a woman walking 1500 kms, step by step across Italy and through the Balkans, before the snow-covered, thunderstruck mountains of Macedonia propelled her to the airport (from where she flew to Istanbul and
continued her journey into the Middle East) – and a Western woman’s exploration of her relationship with the masculine
world, at home and among strangers, from the West to the East.

My Pilgrim’s Heart is an uncommonly bold, raw and honest investigation of a woman’s heart, one that has touched thousands of readers around Australia, as well as Spain, the US and the UK.
The book is also a fun and rollicking adventure through countries Stephanie would never have visited if not for the leadership of her son – who had spent
the previous 10 years traveling the world and was looking for the road less traveled.

‘Two words became the hooligans of my heart: Kosovo. Landmines. They were Bonnie and Clyde to my Texas backcountry. Even though I continued to entertain fantasies about walking through Italy, deep in my bones I knew Ben would choose the Balkans. I wanted the romance of the road. He hankered for the know-you’re-alive unknown.’

from My Pilgrim’s Heart
This is every woman’s ultimate travel story!
It has adventure, hardship, insight, meaning, laughter and love.
Anita Henderson

This is the book about marriage I’d never read because it hadn’t been written – until now! It is an honest, wrenching and provocative work, a story that resonates, illuminates, teaches and baffles. The sheer beauty of the writing will take you well beyond one woman’s story.
BJ Lenkic,