My Revival From Cancer

Self Publishing

In his endeavour of fighting metastatic prostate cancer after he was diagnosed with the condition, Munir Haidar has succeeded in identifying a package of options and measures which cancer patients should consider and use if they want to have an upper hand over the disease.  While most of these options have been around for so long now, the author, helped by his own experience, has been able to assert their importance and clarify their natures.

When the author signifies positive attitude in the process of fighting cancer, he seems extremely logical and convincing.

The author doesn’t only echo the importance of diet in this process, but he seems decisive about what cancer patients should and shouldn’t eat.  More than that, he strictly promotes an onion-based diet.  He also goes a step further, by providing tens of onion-based recipes with easy-to-follow preparation instructions and mouth watering illustrations.

While the author refuses to speculate about his new grown hair on his scalp, he suggests that this can only be explained by the type of diet he consumes.

Frankfurt Book Fair
Munir Haidar