No Momo No

Self Publishing

No Momo No! Is a story about a dog who is number one. Momo gets lovely walks every day and her owners undivided attention. Then all of a sudden Momo’s life is about to drastically change. A new born baby comes home. Momo sees the baby as a strange creature that makes strange noises. Momo does not know what to do? Suddenly Momo gets very little attention and all the attention is focused on the new baby. Momo gets hardly any walks, any play time and is pushed aside. Momo gets bored and it seems that anything Momo does just seems to get her into trouble. All Momo hears is “No Momo, no!”

Momo is sad, but as the strange creature (baby) grows, Momo and the boy start to bond. As time goes on, Momo gets more play time than ever, more walks than ever and more attention than ever. In the end the baby is now a grown up boy and Momo realises that she now has a best friend she could not imagine her life without.

This story is from the dogs perspective and about how things happen in life that in the beginning seem really horrible but over time can actually turn out for the better. It is about dealing with change and accepting it.