One Egg Is a Fortune

Self Publishing

One Egg Is a Fortune is more than a recipe book, going beyond the standard offering of a

cookbook – it is a series of cultural vignettes with food as the central motif, which reveals

that food is a great equaliser.

What this book will do is make you want to read about each person – their story and their life and

then rush into the kitchen and cook their food.

The easy-to-follow recipes are presented in a light and contemporary style.

Happy memories are just as important to pass on as those that recall suffering. The Jewish

people, often called the wanderers of the world, have a unique gift of telling stories. As they

have migrated from one country to another, they have taken up the food of their new culture,

often fusing it with traditional Jewish cuisine. This book, a social digest combining the warmth

of nostalgia with food, provides a glimpse into the diversity of contemporary Jewish life.

The contributors to this book are high-profile members of the international Jewish community,

who have provided anecdotes and recipes special to them. Many are widely known beyond the

Jewish population.

Frankfurt Book Fair.


Judy Kempler and Pnina Jacobson