Our Success Stories

Fabulous Book Launch (2 November 2017)

A great time was had by all, at the book launch of “Deepen Yourself” author Jeff Knowles, at the Paperchain bookshop Manuka Canberra. Jeff sold over a hundred books at the event and ran out of books, having to place another order of 50 books just to fill the orders.

Well done Jeff.

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Book Fairs Work

Wonderful success for Belinda T and her book Experiencing Grace. We took her book to Frankfurt book fair and one of our partner companies loved it so much they did this interview.

Here is a report from the Beijing book fair from one of our authors, and our partner company ContentoNow, who we introduced the book to.

ContentoNow took the book to China and the Chinese government wanted the book to be placed in 10,000 libraries. A retail company will be selling the book in China too. Another company is going to translate a chapter for trail to test the market.

So thank you once again, William.


Corridors a Verse Memoir


A great night was had by all at the book launch or Corridors a memoir in verse.

The book was launched by the British assistant High Commissioner Tony Brennan.

Tony even commented that this book is also a historical account of the war years in London; seen through the eyes of a child, something that has not been done before. It is a wonderful record of those times and is a must read for all people interested in that time period.

About the book

In this memoir a woman now in her eighties looks back to a childhood and adolescence lived in the turbulent context of England in the 1930’s and 1940’s. It is a young girl’s story of finding her own way through the complex choices and changes that occur, and in this is also a deeper perspective of social history, all conveyed in the unique literary voice of poetry.

The Son will Rise


Danielle’s (Danielle Hircock) book launch went wonderfully on last Saturday, with a good turnout and a lot of enthusiasm for my book. Here are some pictures of those who attended, including former Legacy (Sydney Branch) President, Legatee, Eric Easterbrook and his wife, Sally; Stewart and Joan Thompson of A Troop, Richmond/Windsor in full military uniform; members of Penrith RSL Club Sub-Branch, many family and friends.

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Working for Ben Chifley book


Mailing copies of your book to all the magazines that publish book reviews for your genre, does work.
See the article written in The Australian by Troy Bramston, for the Remembering Ben Chifley book.newspaper


Dr Irina Webster’s book success at the Frankfurt International book fair