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We have put together a few items for you that can make all the difference to you as an author.

We supply extra books basically at cost to our authors, others don’t.

We make sure authors get printed books at a price they can make a profit from. Considering a shop needs 40 to 45% discount for selling books, (both on-line and off-line ones), it is imperative authors are not overpaying for printing their book.

Here is a basic printing cost at 50 books at a time digital printed, colored cover b/white inside.

100 page book cost to print, $4.50 each
150 page book cost to print, $5.15 each
200 page book cost to print, $5.90 each
250 page book cost to print, $6.50 each
300 page book cost to print, $7.20 each

If you wish to offset print it would be around half the above digital printed.

When choosing a self-publisher the cost of getting books printed is paramount to the books success and is one of the first things you should look at.

Need to get your book reviewed or a critique done?

We now offer a service to have a critique of your book done; a light critique or a full critique depending on your needs. Our service is a little different because we tell you how to improve your book from a marketing point of view not just a literary one. After all you want to sell your book not keep it as a memento.

With a light critique you get a one page report on the how to improve your book, how a change here or there will improve the book.

With a full book critique we tell you everything that you can do to make your book saleable and to a standard that any publisher would accept. You also get two critiques, one for Grammar and spelling, and one for creativity and flow.


Light critique $175.
Full book critique $395.

Who does the critique:

Our critiques are done by a university graduate who is also an author.

Please send us an email to with a PDF or word document of your book, we will then send you payment details.

The critique will take a week to 10 days for the light and 2-3 weeks for a full report.

1: Get your own unique cover designed

Did you know that the cover of your book is the most important marketing strategy you have? Don’t believe the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” This is not true nowadays. In fact you only have 4 seconds in the book shop for someone to decide to buy your book or not. If you have a bad cover then they put your book down and move on to the next book.

Have a look at the great covers we have made for others: you can have a cover just like these to suit your book.

Cost only $290 for a unique front and back cover design that will help you sell your book.

Once you pay you will get a form to fill out about your book genre and other information we need to make a great cover for your book.

2: Printing books.

We can help you get great prices on printing your book. (Minimum 1000 book print run required). We can get your book printed starting at $2.00 (depending on page count) a book delivered to a port near you.

Why not contact us for a quote on your book printing needs. Email us


3: Social Media Marketing Package

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogging on Google, and other methods are becoming very important for authors to sell their books.

Totally gone are the days of putting your book into a shop and waiting for the money to roll in. Or simply putting your book on Amazon or other sites and expecting big sales?

One look on Amazon and the thousands of books you see will confirm the above statement.
How can a book buyer possibly find your book amongst all those other books?

I am sure you have heard of the book Fifty Shades of Grey?

The author, E.L James send her book to every publisher she could find, and all knocked her back, so she turned to social media. She started blogging and using social media to build up a following, which lead to her selling thousands of books. The big publishers noticed this and started offering her 6 figures for the rights to the book: so social media marketing really works.

OK, I know the next question?

I don’t have the time to sit for hours and hours doing social media, or I don’t know anything about using social media, or I don’t know how to use it?

This is where we can help our authors. We have put together a team of expert social media marketers to help authors get going.

All an author has to do is what they do best, write some articles to posts about their book, and our team will do the rest. If you don’t have a Facebook page we will do it for you, as we will do the other sites as well, so you don’t have to do much.

Which Social media platforms do we use?

Facebook, Plus 20 Facebook groups.


Plus we use many more book promotion sites and book selling sites.

We use Youtube and make a promotional video for you, which is then uploaded to YouTube. Plus it is uploaded to our International TV page .

This is a full Social Media marketing and promotion service for our author’s books. No other self publishers offer this for their authors.

Cost depends on the book package picked and is not suitable for Bronze packages, as you need eBooks.

Contact us for more information:

4: Proofreading

ASPG offers affordable proofreading for our authors. Most proofreaders charge 2 cents a word, so a 408 page book (145,847 words) would cost $2916 to do. Not with us this size book would only cost around $1250, a massive saving. You can also add basic copyediting to our proofreading.

Our proof-reader has a university degree with honours, and we follow the Style Manual 6th edition by John Wiley publishers; which is used by the Australian government.

As an author knows their book better than anyone, and may wish to accentuate a line or a meaning with a comma, which may not be 100% grammatically correct; but if changed can alter the story. We send draft copies back for the author to check.

We send draft copies back until the author is 100% happy. The book is then given a final read before printing by our proof-reader.

Authors can also get a second opinion from an outside proof-reader, at their cost if they wish.

Please note: Proofreaders are not infallible, and can miss some things. But between the authors rereading the drafts and the final read, most if not all mistakes are picked up. This fact is also quoted on page 269 of the style guide we use.

For a quote on proofreading just contact as,