Self Publishing

Steve had never written a book before and never thought he would. After unexpectedly enduring a prostate cancer experience and the subsequent outcome, he felt inspired to put pen to paper.

His inspiration was fueled in the hope that the book raises awareness and ultimately makes a difference for other men and their families who have, or are, facing a prostate cancer journey. Hopefully, it sends an important message in relation to the diagnosis and shows them that there are also amazing alternatives in treatment available to them.

He is a firm believer that things happen for a reason. If he hadn’t contracted prostate cancer his book would not be a reality today. After a lot of soul searching he chose not to follow the conventional/mainstream path of treatment, ‘the norm’. He has his wife Karen to thank for that.

Steve’s book is very different to ‘the normal cancer books on the shelf’ in as much as it is a unique marriage of the human story, a cutting-edge scientific, nutritional approach to diagnosis and treatment and a reference book at the same time.