Children’s Standard Publishing Package

This package is for the author who has a saddle stitched Children’s book.

Publishing Side

  • 100% copyright, including book layout. (you own the book).
  • All high resolution files. (you can’t print without these).
  • Unique front and back cover. (designed by a graphic designer, not templates).
  • ISBN. Printed book. (means International standard book number).
  • Barcode.
  • Layout Editing. (typesetting).
  • Book comes as a Printed version, (All print ready files)
  • An PDF eBook version (for websites, Google eBooks) etc.
  • An InDesign version with all the fonts etc, (this is your 100% copyright version).
  • One on one author support. (We help you with design, pricing of book, (etc).
  • Legal deposit with the National Library (Mandatory).
  • 1 book for Legal Deposit with National Library.
  • 10 books to author coloured cover, coloured pages to 34 pages, book size up to A4.
  • CiP with the National Library (Mandatory so your copyright is registered).
  • We email you 5 draft copies of the book to check and change things.

Promotional Side you get

  • Listed on NLA Trove system. Goes to all libraries and schools. (This makes it easier for Library suppliers to find your book).
  • Promotion of book to 25000 book stores world wide using Global books in print. (This is how bookshops worldwide can find your book).
  • Nielsons book database for all Australian book shops. (This is how bookshops here can find your book if a customers asks for it).
  • Listed with Google books. (worldwide sales)
  • Listed isubscribe, (Australian print book sales).
  • Listed with Fishpond. (Australian book sale sales).
  • Also we promote and sell your book on our bookshop site and you get paid 70% net royalty from every sale.
  • Your book gets its own sales page on our bookshop platform.
  • Special discount on International Book Fairs for worldwide promotion to publishers and International literary agents.

Cost for the above pack is from $1490

Note: The above is a guideline only, as each book is different.