Silver Publishing / Promotion Package

When we produce a book for you we give you:

Publishing Side

  • 100% copyright, including book layout.
  • All high resolution files.
  • Unique front and back cover.
  • ISBN. Printed book
  • ISBN. eBook (for eBook selling on-line bookshops, Google eBooks etc)
  • Barcode.
  • Layout Editing.(This is not copyediting).
  • Book comes as a Printed version(All print ready files).
  • An eBook version (for websites, Google eBooks etc.)
  • ePub2 and MOBI ebook versions for Amazon kindles and other eReaders etc.
  • An InDesign version with all the fonts etc, (this is your 100% copyright version).
  • One on one author support. (We help you with design, pricing of book, (etc).
  • Legal deposit with the National Library (Mandatory).
  • 1 books Legal Deposit with State Library.
  • 15 books printed sent to you, Colour cover, B/White interior up to 350 pages novel size up to 229 x 152 mm.
  • CiP with the National Library (Mandatory so your copyright is registered)
  • We email you several drafts of the book to check and change things.

Promotional Side you get.

  • Listed on NLA Trove system. Goes to all libraries and schools. (This makes it easier for Library suppliers to find your book).
  • Promotion of book to 25000 book stores world wide using Global books in print. (This is how bookshops worldwide can find your book).
  • Nielsons book database for all Australian book shops. (This is how bookshops here can find your book).
  • Also we promote and sell your book on our bookshop site and you get paid 70% net royalty from every sale.
  • We list your book with an eBook Library system, you get 50% net royalties.
  • We list your book on an International literary agent’s site for world release.
  • Your book gets its own sales page on our bookshop platform.
  • Listed on Amazon kindle.
  • Eligible for a free 10 minute “Meet the Author Interview” video, uploaded to YouTube and
  • Listed with Wheelers Library suppliers.
  • Listed with Alibris.
  • Google eBooks, (Global distribution)
  • Special discount on International Book Fairs for worldwide promotion to publishers and International literary agents.
  • Book offered to major distributor.

Cost for the above pack starts at $2250 to $3295 ex gst, depending on page count and complexity of the book.
Available for all upgrades to 200000+ book outlets with our partner companies. Available for the Amazon best seller program with our partner company.

Extra books can be ordered anytime at wholesale cost no artificial loading. We are not vanity publishers and we don’t sell authors ridiculously high priced books, that makes the author disadvantaged in anyway. As shops take a 40% to 45% discount and if you are paying a premium for a book, you cannot sell through a shop, off-line or on-line.

PS: A book with lots of photo’s and graphics (30 up) may cost more than the above prices depending on the book size and layout required.

Note: The above prices do not include proofreading for spelling or grammar. It is the responsibility of the author to have this correct.

We offer a Proofreading and Grammar service at $2.50 a page.

Promotion up grade available.

Click here to see list of partner companies that could list your book.