Results from Frankfurt Book Fair 2017

Self Publishing

Frankfurt book air was very productive this year, with our authors now having the chance to get their books into bookshop across the USA.

These are real bookshops, not just the lists that shops can see on-line. Bookmasters are the biggest distributor of religious books in the US, so our religious book authors will benefit. They do all genre’ of books so very exciting.

We had lots of interest from some of our literary agents, with one Chinese agency really impressed with the books we had this time, and requesting lots of titles.

One USA literary agent loves the fact that our books and especially novels are different, not the same run of the mill books that are everywhere in the US.

Authors on the Australia unlimited stand Frankfurt 2017

Looking forward to more talks.

Meetings we had.

Chris Lloyd UK book distributor.
Chris Lin Asian Literary Agency
Alicia González Sterling Spanish Agency
Ms Shin Su Taiwan and Asian Agency
Gregory Messina USD Agency
Bieke van Aggelen African Agency
Cecile Barendsma USA Agency
Villas-Boas & Moss Literary Agency Brazil/ South America
ContentoNow. Israeli Publisher.
Bookmasters USA Book Distribution
Rightol Agency Chinese Market
InBooker Agency Chinese/ Russian/ European

Some self publishing companies are telling authors, that book fairs are no good, this could not be further from the truth.

They are saying this because they don’t promote authors books at the major book fairs, like we have been doing for the last 10 years, with great results.

Without attending International book fairs there is virtually zero chance of a self publishing author ever getting picked up by a Literary agent, and their book promoted to traditional publishers.