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Book Fairs Work

Wonderful success for Belinda T and her book Experiencing Grace. We took her book to Frankfurt book fair and one of our partner companies loved it so much they did this interview.

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuyS2H8Hj3g

Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt book fair was a great success. The Australian Publishers Association did a fantastic job on organising the stand. We had meetings with a number of literary agents and publishers.

Here are just some of main ones.

  • Kalem Agency: Turkey
  • September Publishing
  • Trafalgar Publishing
  • Sandra Bruna Agency, Spanish agent who deals with Spain, Spanish South America, Portugal, and Argentina.
  • Beijing Hua Yun-shang De International Culture Exchange, Publishers who have 10 other publishers attached to them.

Also for the first time we have arranged for books to be distributed into the shops in the UK, including Waterstones the biggest retailer of books in the UK. This is great for all the authors that attended the Frankfurt book fair. Also for all our own authors who publish with us as well. Now they can have their books in the shops here and in the UK.

Some photos from Frankfurt.


Beijing Book Fair 2016 Review

We had a wonderful book fair with great interest in all our books. One Literary agency was so impressed that they will list all the books on their agency platform for more promotion.

Many agents took the catalogue and one has already come back to us Xinjiang Juvenile Publishing House for more information on 18 books across all genres.

Here is a review of the Beijing book fair from one of our authors, and our partner company ContentoNow, who we introduced the book to.

ContentoNow took the book to China and the Chinese government wanted the book to be placed in 10,000 libraries. A retail company will be selling the book in China too. Another company is going to translate a chapter for trail to test the market.

So thank you once again, William.


Also see the videos of books we presented on the main Writers stage at the book fair. This was a great success and got lots of attention from publishers and agents.

First Video Presentation – Dr Irina Webster

The Secret Energy of your Body, author Dr Irina Webster

When Fates Collide – Author Arghya Khan

Interview with author of Crazy Bitch Danelle Neves.

1101 Words 2 watch – Author David Coe

Musings at Deaths Door – Author Raja Arasa Ratnam

Blue Thief and While Mandy Waited – Author Judy Caulduro

Eleven Author Minn

Changing Sux – Author Geoff McCelland

Cold Gold – Author Dennis J. McTaggart

Vengeance capital city ground zero. Author Christopher David Cartledge

What’s So Smart About Intelligence. Author John Sewell

Healthy pregnancy from A to Z Author, Dr. Irina Webster

Australian Self-Publishing Group (ASPG) specialises in helping authors to self-publish, distribute, promote and market author’s books and eBooks.

The Australian self-publishing group is also the only company that actually promotes all Australian authors’ books at Major publishing industry book fairs regardless of where they publish.

Review of Australian self publishing group

Australian Self-Publishing Group directors speaking on the Sparks stage at the Frankfurt book fair

The directors of the Australian Self-Publishing Group are highly respected in the industry, having been asked to talk on the main stage at the Frankfurt book fair in 2012 along side, Amazon USA, Kobo USA, Bower USA, Epubli, Germany, Neo books Germany, Xulon, USA and BookRix, Germany: all big players in the book industry.

Book launch- Forgotten Holocaust.

Australian Self-Publishing Group directors at the Forgotten Holocaust book launch with the Governor General.

In 2012 the Australian Self-Publishing Group also had the honour of having one of their books launched by Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO, Governor General of Australia at the National Library of Australia: probably the only self-publishing group in Australia to have this honour.

The Forgotten Holocaust launched by the Governor General of Australia.

The Australian self-publishing group are also members of the Australian Publisher Association the governing body of the book industry in Australia and hold fast to the rules and regulations set by the APA.

A great night was had by all at the book launch or Corridors a memoir in verse


The book was launched by the British assistant High Commissioner Tony Brennan.

Tony even commented that this book is also a historical account of the war years in London; seen through the eyes of a child, something that has not been done before. It is a wonderful record of those times and is a must read for all people interested in that time period.

About the book

In this memoir a woman now in her eighties looks back to a childhood and adolescence lived in the turbulent context of England in the 1930’s and 1940’s. It is a young girl’s story of finding her own way through the complex choices and changes that occur, and in this is also a deeper perspective of social history, all conveyed in the unique literary voice of poetry.

3 3 3

The Son will Rise


Danielle’s (Danielle Hircock) book launch went wonderfully on last Saturday, with a good turnout and a lot of enthusiasm for my book. Here are some pictures of those who attended, including former Legacy (Sydney Branch) President, Legatee, Eric Easterbrook and his wife, Sally; Stewart and Joan Thompson of A Troop, Richmond/Windsor in full military uniform; members of Penrith RSL Club Sub-Branch, many family and friends.

Read more

Working for Ben Chifley book


Mailing copies of your book to all the magazines that publish book reviews for your genre, does work.
See the article written in The Australian by Troy Bramston, for the Remembering Ben Chifley book.newspaper


The Australian Self-Publishing Group has also produced many best selling books that have been published by main stream publishing houses

Get in the Go Zone by international motivation speaker Mark McKeon

Best seller Get in the Go Zone. Mark McKeon.

Mom-Please-Help by Karen Phillips

Best selling Book Mom Please Help

Secrets to getting pregnant by Dr Irina Webster MD

Best selling book Secrets to Getting Pregnant.

Other books ASPG have negotiated International contracts for at the international book fairs are

– Sooner or Later we all stop laughing.
– Sooner or Later we all come home.
– Sooner or later we all get even.
– Seed of hope.
– Turquoise.
– Sydney song.
– Realms of Gold.
– The Sea Between.
– The Best Advanced Paper Aircraft book 1
– The Best Advanced Paper Aircraft book 2
– The Best Advanced Paper Aircraft book 3

The Australian self publishing group is determined to put Australian authors back in the forefront of the publishing industry in Australia if not the world.

Interview with ASPG authors

Corridors: A Verse Memoir by Leila Marion Field

Forgotten Holocaust interview with Caroline Cooper

Interview with Best selling author and international corporate speaker Mark McKeon

Interview with author of Crazy Bitch Danelle Neves.