Secrets to Getting Pregnant – You Can Overcome Infertility

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"My Dear Mommy! It is great that God gave me the right to choose my parents. And even more amazing: I can do it long before my conception. Without you realizing it, I have already chosen you, Mom…" from your future baby. Secrets to Getting Pregnant You Can Overcome Infertility.

The best way to treat infertility is a combination of Conventional and Alternative medical approaches. Roger C Hirst O.M.D

My name is Dr Irina Webster. I am a medical doctor and also the director of Women Health Issues Program an international educational site for women. I am also the author of many books regarding overcoming infertility, becoming pregnant and women's health issues.

You have probably arrived here
because you are looking for answers right! Well, the answers you seek are here. So let me tell you right now: if you still ovulate, then you can have a baby, no doubt about it.

Secrets to Getting Pregnant is rich in Practical information and effective strategies on how to get pregnant if you have difficulties conceiving.

Discover the principles to falling pregnant naturally from women who succeeded despite long years of trying even after failing many medical tests and procedures regarding their inability to conceive.


This book will show you: Different methods to fall pregnant faster with no side effects, pain or discomfort.


Specific ways to fall pregnant according to different situations and medical conditions.


Natural ways to fall pregnant in older women or in cases of unexplained Infertility. A way to a harmonious life as a women, a wife and as a mother using the energy of your own cycles.


You learn to use the cycle's energy instead of letting this energy dominate you.



Natural ways to improve your health as a women which is the key to a healthy pregnancy. 


A unique way to balance your conscious and subconscious minds, preparing them for motherhood and for attracting a child into your life.


What you will learn in the book:
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This book is full of natural ways to fall pregnant and once you read it you will have all the information to help you have the baby you always wanted.

Dr Irina Webster MD Thank you for reading my information and I know you will get excellent results from my book. Dr Irina Webster.010. Phone: 61262916373. Published by Australian Self Publishing Group A Dr Irina and William Webster site. Disclaimer: Not everyone will get the same benefits from the book all people are different. If you have any doubts please discuss the information in the book with your medical practitioner. The book does not replace your doctors advice or recommendations, the book is for educational purposes only.