Talk together: Walking the journey with our adolescent

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This book gives insight as to how to deal with the many different challenges that presents to parents and caregivers as their young person moves into the adolescent phase of development. Such challenges include self-image, peer group pressure, sibling rivalry, self-worth, teenage defiance, teenage anger, cyber bullying, drug and alcohol, and mental instability. The aim of this book is to reconsider a different way of relating that promotes meaningful connections, family harmony, setting healthy boundaries and limitations, promoting individuality and autonomy and, finding meaning, purpose and fulfilment in life.

Through the lens of a family therapist the author Tak Ananda, discusses the many generic themes that arise in the interaction of family dynamics and how these interactions may create family discord and family disconnection. Messages that parents impart in their young person can either open and expand their self-growth or closedown and stifle the expression of the self. Through this lens the author encourages a different way of relating that helps parents deal more affectively with the challenges that arise in their young. The aim of this book is to explore a different dialogue with their teenager that promotes recognition and expression of their inner self.