The Afterlife Journey

Self Publishing

This is a story of a bricklayer that upon dying realises his atheistic views of the impossibility of life after death was incorrect.

Grant’s journey in the Afterlife is full of challenging steps as he struggles to come to terms with a completely different perception of life and death while still hiding a terrible secret that he had taken to the grave.

After fifty years in the Afterlife Grant must return back to Earth to face the biggest challenge of his life. A challenge that may decide the fate of every person on the planet.

The myriad of twists and turns takes him on an amazing journey through the afterlife and beyond and leads him on a path of discovery that would be unimaginable on Earth.

This well written book will keep you enthralled from one page to the next. If you have ever asked yourself what an Afterlife could be like if science was involved, why just humans and not animals and how it all may have started and why, then this is the book for you.