The Chevalier (Ben Hall) an Australian Outlaw

Self Publishing

David Love has cleverly captured the Australia that was the 1860s, painting a picture of what life was like for the common men and women of that time.

From the infamous knuckle men who fought in the ring for glory: to love and Romance, to love lost. From the corrupt police force with their unfettered power to burn, slash, beat up and steals from the population with impunity.

To the stand of the Chevalier Ben Hall and his fight against the unfairness of the English aristocrats who controlled the police, that is akin to the Jacobite uprising against unfair rule.

Although Ben Hall was an outlaw he was nobler in his cause than the English aristocrats who controlled Western New South Wales at that time.

A great read all the way through this book to the exciting showdown between Ben Hall and the corrupt chief of police.