The Reluctant Civilian

Self Publishing

Frank is a decorated Vietnam combat soldier who returns to civilian life with few skills and an uncertain future. An orphan with no ties, he embarks on an itinerant journey doing odd jobs to support a meagre existence.

During his travels, he finds himself caught unwittingly in an armed roadhouse hold-up resulting in murder. Unarmed and unable to assist, he flees in the bandits’ unattended getaway vehicle. In fear for his life, he finds himself ensconced in a sub-alpine wilderness, sparking a police manhunt.

During his lonely eight year self-imposed incarceration, he witnesses a light plane crash and rescues the sole survivor, Skye, a young female graphic artist and nurses her back to health. Romance blossoms so they resolve to leave the wilderness together.

As they set out, they’re confronted by the bandits from the roadhouse incident eight years prior in search of missing loot. With help from an unlikely alliance, they escape to an iconic regional guest house where they meet celebrated journalist Libby Lucero who pledges to clear Frank’s name.

Whilst there, the guest house is held up by the same desperados and a short siege ensues but Frank is instrumental in thwarting them. The incident makes headlines and the two crimes, eight years apart are successfully linked.