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 Nominated for inclusion at the Berlin Film and Writers Festival 2012.

1913: The world is about to go to war and Maggie Butler’s husband has run off to America, leaving his devastated wife and children to make their own way in the provincial Irish Catholic city of Wellington, New Zealand.  

     Craving happiness and security, the Butlers will do what it takes and go where they must – into the convent, over the sea, headlong into impulsive marriages, the low life, jail.

     Spanning twenty years of painful war, the light-hearted ’20s and the Depression, this classic trans-Tasman story follows the Butler men and women across oceans and into the powerful mysteries of the heart.


Frankfurt Book Fair
Author: Margaret Sutherland 


This book now has the chance to become a movie if selected at Berlin. Would not have had the chance if not showcased at Frankurt book fair 2011.