US book buyers supporting US authors. Why aren’t Australians doing the same thing?

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One of the things lacking in Australia is the reluctance of Australians to support our own Authors.

With the advent of all the cheap books being sold in the Malls around the place for $5, even Post offices are doing the same thing: is it any wonder that Australian authors are having a bad time. What most Australian book buyers do not realise is 99% of these books are dumped here and are produced in the USA or UK, to the detriment of our home grown authors.

Here is a report from one of our partner companies and what is starting to happen in the USA.

“The Shop Local message continues to resonate with shoppers”. Steven Salardino, manager of Skylight Books in Los Angeles, says it seems that our community is realising what they are contributing to when purchasing a book from Skylight in support of US authors. Skylight are big sellers and promoters of US home grown authors.
May be we should follow their lead and support our local authors? This is one thing we at ASPG have been doing for years. We promote all Australian books at international book fairs, regardless of where they publish. Even the APA who we are members of, do not promote all Australian authors, but we do.