Why you should have an eBook.

Self Publishing

It has been reported lately that in Canada the growth of eBooks has skyrocketed with Canadian publishers, 90% of them now produce eBooks with their print version.

As Canada is similar to us in Australia, authors here should follow their lead. eBooks are big business now around the world with 10% of all revenue derived from them. 10% may not sound much but when the large publishers are making many millions of dollars a year from selling books: this is huge.

So where are these sales coming from?

93% of major publishers say they do business with Kobo, 83% say they also work with Amazon, and 50% with other eBook outlets like Apple iBooks, Google, B&N, Sony etc.

The problem for the self publishing author is most of these eBook platforms are closed to them as they will not deal with authors?

The big guys have realized that eBooks are the way to go and for the last few years have been madly developing strategies for delivery of their books as eBooks. 100% of the big publishers have a dedicated team just for eBooks, but the smaller ones are lagging behind with only 31% having even 1 person for eBooks: with the Vanity publisher’s way behind with virtually no interest in eBook marketing.

We on the other at hand ASPG saw this coming years ago, because we are always at the hub of the action by attending the International Book fairs, so we have a dedicated team for eBooks. Plus we have links to all the eBook platforms that the big guys have.

We have all this available to authors who publish with us and to some of the other authors that we promote at book fairs, the ones with eBooks.